Since 2006 the Sustainable Society Foundation was involved in the following projects

  • SSI-2016, the new update, published December 2016
  • SCI-2016, the fourth edition of the Sustainable City Index, published October 2016
  • SCI-2015, the third edition of the Sustainable City Index, published October 2015
  • SSI-2014, the new update, published December 2014. Download
  • SCI, the second edition of the Sustainable City Index (SCI 2.0), published September 2014.
  • SCI, the first edition of the Sustainable City Index (SCI 2014), published January 2014. Download summary
  • SSI-2012, the fourth edition, published November 2012. Download
  • Audit of the SSI by Joint Research Center, JRC, of the European Commission, 2012. Download
  • SSI-2010, the third edition, published December 2010. Download.
  • Study on the developments towards a sustainable society over the period 1975 – 2008, for Finland and The Netherlands, 2010. Download
  • SSI on regional level. A tailor made index on regional level has been developed for the eight regions of Romania. The results were presented mid 2009.
  • SSI-2008, the first two-yearly update, published December 2008. Download
  • INHOLLAND University, development and implementation of a sustainability index for Greenhouse Culture, based on the SSI, 2008-2009.
  • Romania, on its way to a sustainable society. Development and implementation of a tailor made measuring and monitoring tool, based on the SSI, for Romania on national level, 2007-2008.
  • SSI-2006, identification and development of a new set of indicators to measure the level of sustainability for 151 countries and integrating the results in a single index, 2004 – 2006. Download
  • Courses: SSF has contributed to various courses. Among these were lectures and workshops on Introduction to Sustainable Development and on the Economic Pillar of SD, both for courses of the REC Center (Hungary) in Budva, Montenegro, May 2009 and May 2010.
  • Conferences: SSF has contributed to many international conferences and workshops.