The data we present, already since 2006, will give you a good insight in the level of sustainability of your own country as well as of all 154 countries included in the Sustainable Society Index, SSI.
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The spiderweb shows the score of each of the 21 indicators of the country in green, on a scale of 1-10 (10=sustainable, 1=not sustainable). The red line is the weighted average score of all countries.
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Development towards sustainability is far too important to leave it to chance.

SSI is moving!
We are happy to announce that ‘TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences (Cologne, Germany)’ has accepted the responsibility for the continuity and yearly production of the Sustainable Society Index (SSI) for the near and further future. The work will be taken care of by Professor Wolfgang Veit and Professor Susann Kowalski and their teams. Already they have published the SSI-2018. You will find all relevant data on their new website:


You are most welcome to visit this site.

The next update, SSI-2020, to be published by them is foreseen in the course of 2021, followed by annual updates. At the same time Professor Veit and Professor Kowalski will work on the further development of the SSI.

After working over 15 years on the Sustainable Society Index we hand over our work – in full confidence – to two very experienced and most dedicated professionals and their teams.

Geurt van de Kerk and Arthur Manuel

July 2020