The data we present, already since 2006, will give you a good insight in the level of sustainability of your own country as well as of all 154 countries included in the Sustainable Society Index, SSI.
Choose your own or any other country in the list below and see for yourself.

Spiderweb all countries
The spiderweb shows the score of each of the 21 indicators of the country in green, on a scale of 1-10 (10=sustainable, 1=not sustainable). The red line is the weighted average score of all countries.
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Development towards sustainability is far too important to leave it to chance.

New: Update SSI-2016
newnow for 154 countries, comprising 99% of the world population
The world at a glance
aarde4 graphs clearly show the actual level of wellbeing and sustainability of the world at large as well as developments over time.
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Main results
Some headlines of the actual situation on sustainability, progress over time and differences in development per region and per income class.
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Now include data for all 154 countries, data per income class and per UN region for the years 2006-2016, as well as progress over these 10 years.
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Interactive maps
wereldkaartThe maps show at a glance how sustainable each of 154 countries is, per indicator and wellbeing dimension.
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Gross National Happiness Index
A short comparison of the GNH and the SSI
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Sustainable scan for youngsters
scan3The scan helps youngsters to become aware of the level of sustainability of their own behaviour. It stimulates them to consider the effects on sustainability of what they are doing and encourages them to contribute to a sustainable surrounding (as yet in Dutch only).
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